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Holy Grail Phantom Thief

Chaldea Boys 2023 - Holy Grail Phantom Thief Amakusa Shirou and the Slapstick Museum

Chaldea Boys 2023 features a brand new Event "Holy Grail Phantom Thief" which has a costume for Amakusa Shirou, as well as many Summoning Banners and Rank Up Quests for Da Vinci (Caster), Amakusa Shirou and Jing Ke. Event Bonus Servants will rotate daily according to the current Summoning Banners.

To celebrate Chaldea Boys 2023 Master will also receive a Invitation which can be exchanged for one of the 9 new Craft Essences, as well as a Daily Login Bonus contain one Calling Card. These Calling Cards can be exchanged for Rewards with the final one being a new Command Code: Elegant Phantom Thief Hat