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Exchange Tickets

Exchange Tickets are available through login bonuses. The available items change each month. This page uses item data from the JP version to estimate future tickets the Global version may get, but these are subject to change since the (early) introduction of Append Skills and Pure Prisms.

Note: Starting with 7th Anniversary Exchange Tickets are also available through Daily Quests (for a total of 4 Tickets a day). It is not yet clear how this will done on the Global version since our Anniversary happens earlier.

  • Current: Exchange Ticket (SEP 2023)

    • Since:
    • Tickets Available: 30
    • Ball of Rainbow ThreadBall of Rainbow Thread
      Meteor HorseshoeMeteor Horseshoe
      Deadly Poisonous NeedleDeadly Poisonous Needle
  • Next: Exchange Ticket (OCT 2023)

    • Starting:
    • Tickets Available: 31
    • Soundless BellSoundless Bell
      Refined MagatamaRefined Magatama
      Fool's ChainFool's Chain
    • Item Data based on JP Version

Tickets by Year