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This website is no longer maintained

So this is goodbye, I guess. As of 18th of September 2023 I am no longer maintaining FGO Timers. This site has been my biggest project and I've been building and maintaing it mostly by myself since 2019.

I should probably mention Atlas Academy who graciously let me use their API and CDN for game data and assets all this time. This site would never have gotten most of the features if it wasn't for their help, especially Cereal who kept helping me even after I left their discord server due to disagreements that I don't want to mention further here.

All that said, I have chosen to stop working on and updating this site. While I did manage to automate some things entirely (Login Exchange Tickets, Upgrades, Master Misisons) to make them update alongside any other changes I deploy, keeping Events (the main feature of the site judging by the amount of Speed Benchmark datapoints) and Shops up to date is not something I want to keep doing. This will also mean the automated parts of the site will cease updating and I have disabled page regeneration for the few pages that did use the feature.

Adding new features to the site has honestly been an exhausting experience every time, and is usually not a thankful one either. It is very clear the events pages were over 90% of the usage of this site. Having to deal with increasingly complex systems I've had to build to keep things somewhat optimized and easy to deal with as the site grew beyond the table of countdowns it started as has honestly spiraled entirely out of what a single person can manage for a hobby project.

This has been a difficult decision (that I've actually avoided taking multiple times before) but I want to take a step back from development, maybe (re)discover some other passions or work on smaller projects here or there.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me all this time like my friends, people in my discord server (which is staying around btw, no reason to close that) and the few people I have seen sharing my site elsewhere.